8 Tips for Preventing Employee Burnout (Infographic)

Occupational burnout results in various emotional responses like exhaustion, inefficiency and reduced productivity. It occurs when employees feel overwhelmed by tight deadlines and workload pressure. Another important fact, that isn’t given the attention it deserves, is the impact managerial support and motivation has on employee burnout.

Employee burnout

Employee burnout: A trend?

We live in a society where it is more important than ever to create a good employee experience. People’s expectations today in their work environment differ greatly from the ones that once gave birth to the industrial revolution.

Whereas in early years, the trigger for an engaged employee was determined by material needs, it is today the personal accomplishment and sense of achievement that employees expect from their jobs. In fact, once a certain satisfaction is not given, they find themselves in a state of reduced morale and other symptoms of personal dysfunction.

How does employee burnout affect organizations?

Well, in the worst case, people even end up quitting their jobs, and businesses start losing millions on employee turnover. Not good.

A company’s main competitive advantage is derived from its people. Putting more effort in human values within an organization can result in several positive outcomes, such as:

  • Lower turnover rates
  • Reduced absenteeism and sickness rates
  • Increased productivity and service quality
  • Higher outcome

How to help burned out employees

The nice part about all of this is, that it can be easily avoided by simple starting with small gestures of kindness. In the following infographic, employers can find 8 easy steps that will help them maintain their best talent. By implementing these simple suggestions, you will start to notice big improvements.

Employee burnout infographic


Nobody is keen to work in a negative environment. That includes your employees.

Employees are the driving force behind each business, they deserve to be happy. It’s your job as a business owner to keep your employees engaged with their jobs.