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Do you want to increase your business income or expand your business beyond where it is today? If so, you probably want more advanced business resources to help you get there.

Marketing and Advertising

The Public Libraries has everything you need to complete your market research. Contact Technical Help for Local Small Businesses provided by the Business Department and ask for a business research specialist.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers marketing resources and online workshops on marketing.

Finance a Business Expansion

Business Finances

Get your business finances in order by using the following online resources at:

Download templates for financial statements at:

Writing a Business Plan

Online business plan templates and tools:

Business Partnerships

The good and bad when working with Partners.

Hiring Employees

Learn what you need to know about hiring employees here:

Tax Information

Business Insurance and Regulations

The following online resources explain business insurance requirements and options:

The following organizations specialize in working with: