Business Support, Training and Networking

Business Support, Training and Networking

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Business Mentor
Community Events

Are you Searching for a Business Mentor?

Starting a new business can be exciting.  But starting a business might also tap fears that keep you from realizing your dream.  Why not connect with someone who has business experience to help you learn the real story about business ownership and how exciting it can be.  Get your questions answered, gather ideas on how to build a strong business from the start, and maybe, build a lifelong mentor / friend who can be with you every step of the way. The following organizations provide volunteer business mentors:

Community Events

Small Business Networking Events listed by Biznik

Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training (WNET)

Small Business Networking Events listed by the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Community events supporting the work of microenterprise and microfinance listed by SeaMo

 your business RESOURCE Calendar of Workshops & Events

Are you looking for a workshop or seminar on a particular topic? Do you want to learn about business networking events or events to market your product or service? Or, do you want to learn more about financial planning and rebuilding your credit? Whatever your interest might be, you can be sure there are organizations providing what you need.